I’ve gone through KC Disposal for two houses & have never been unhappy. They have amazing customer service & attempt to fix any issues in a timely manner and to the best of their ability. I also enjoy that they do recycling, it really cuts down on the trash. I highly recommend this company anytime someone asks or is looking!

Valerie Printy

These folks at KC Disposal are very helpful, great to work with and go above and beyond to help their customers. Had a great roll off experience from order to delivery and pickup. They called to make sure I was done or needed more time, had the pickup on time and overall very easy to work with. Call them for all your pickup needs.

Jeff Satz

I realized this morning that I forgot to set out the trash last night when I got home when I heard the trash truck coming. I was so surprised that the young man actually came up and got my can that was sitting by my garage and dumped it. I am so glad I decided to change my service. This company goes above and beyond to help their customers. I will sing your praises to everyone I know! Thank you again!

Paulette Bass Rakestraw

I have been happier with this company than every other company in every service industry I’ve dealt with. These guys work their tails off and never ever miss a pick up. Even seen them out past 8pm to finish the route!

Angela Canant

I’m late getting around to this but couldn’t be more pleased with KC Disposal. We moved over the holidays and the previous owner left a ton of trash in, at, and around the house. We piled it up at the curb and I called KC Disposal to ask for a quote. Matt asked me to send pictures of the pile and he would work up a quote. Within the hour I had my answer and I was thrilled when I got it. We’ve used them for some time now and have always been pleased but this transaction just really sealed the deal. Thanks for being an honest, customer focused company.

Julia Hilton Purnell

Amazing service! I forgot to put my trash out and they came and got it for me and even brought the can back. I have not heard one bad review about this company. Awesome!

Sheri Baldwin

You wouldn’t think that trash service is something to write a review about, but after the bad service I got before I switched to KC Disposal, I think it is. I have been with them for six months now. NEVER a missed pickup for trash or recycling from KC Disposal. No huge holiday and rules lists. If you are tired of missed and very late evening pickups from the corporate guys like I was, make the switch to KC. Their rates are better than the others, the service is very reliable, and Kim in the office is always friendly and helpful.

David C Lane