We Talk Trash


We do trash in a whole new way, bringing KC Disposal services up-to-date in the 21st century. KC Disposal is locally owned by three friends, Matt, Vince & Jamaal. In 2017, we expanded to bring on a couple brothers, Jimmy & Mike, Who have over 15 years of experience in the industry. Ever since we started, we knew we wanted to keep finding ways to improve not only the business, but also the neighborhoods we serve.

We chose to start in Grandview because we love its local, small-town feel within the Kansas City metro area. We’d like to grow to be big enough to serve a larger area, yet not grow too large. We’ve seen how big companies lose sight of their customers, and we want our business model to remain centered around you – our neighbor.





KC Disposal Core Beliefs

Providing reliable trash service at affordable prices.

Customer service: because we know that without you, we wouldn’t have a job.

We don’t raise rates. We may charge a fuel or disposal fee if diesel rates climb or if disposal costs change dramatically, but we hope not to have to do either.

Doing things the right way the first time. This means your trash gets picked up completely every time.

Leaving things better than the way we found them. Your trash is gone and the streets are clean.

Bringing disposal services into the 21st century through technology and smarter, more efficient services.

Thank you for being a KC Disposal customer.

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